Yesterday, I taught a student who couldn’t hear the difference between “straight” and “street.” Since our lesson focused on Western hospitality – “how do you take your coffee?” “street!” – this issue came up several times. First, I attempted to correct his pronunciation to no avail. Then, on a piece of scrap paper, I drew […]


after 6 weeks in Sakiio i have: signed up for my internet account, through the magical help of my Japanese friend Carnitas (cheaper than yahoo bb and supposedly will arrive in about 3 weeks) arranged for my first Japanese class (tomorrow!) I still not have: paid my phone bill (due the 25th) secured my health […]

no escape

I remember something else from last night at the 300 yen bar: Alan told me that he’d taught one of my students, realizing she had been one of mine when he recognized my handwriting in the roll book. “Ah, you took a class from my friend, Liv!” he told her. “Yes!” she said. “She is […]