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I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’

November 18, 2006 in Uncategorized

A quiet Saturday night appears to be on the horizon – nearly 9:30 pm and the folks I’ve texted to see if they’re into hanging out have not replied. I might be getting ahead of myself perhaps, but a quiet Saturday night wouldn’t be bad – I’ve already cooked up some tasty wild mushroom couscous with grated Parmesan and cayenne pepper. I can relax, recover from the 40 straight hours I was awake the other night/day while meeting a transcription deadline and attending Erma’s boyfriend’s apartment-warming in Queens. Today, after sleeping soundly until about 2, I worked on Project Move to Japan by putting all of my clothing into several piles:

  1. Clothes I am bringing with me to Japan (including my ghetto suit, a blazer, a couple of dresses and tops and the work clothes I have not yet bought)
  2. Clothes I am sending to my parents to hold on to for me until I come back (pretty dresses!)
  3. Clothes I no longer want and will either sell on Ebay or give to my similarly-built friends
  4. Clothes I am going to give to the Salvation Army

I also did some preliminary cleaning of the closet. Hooray for feeling useful! Tomorrow I’ll take Pile 4 to the nearest Salvation Army and the next day I’ll take pictures of the clothes I’m giving away and post ‘em on myspace or something.

9:33, no calls. I could also take advantage of the quiet and study a little Japanese. Last night, at the party, a guest sat next to me and after I introduced myself, he replied something I didn’t catch. At first I was confused – it was loud – and, straining to hear, asked him to repeat himself. To my delight, I realized he was saying, “Watashi wa Chris desu.” Squee! “Watashi wa Liv desu!” I answered excitedly. Sugoi!!

Tomorrow, a pre-Thanksgiving day dinner in Queens. I have been assigned to bring the green bean casserole.

Black Noodles

November 11, 2006 in Uncategorized

Haven’t felt much like posting as of late, despite having brand new time in which to do so. I’ve been done with my full-time job since November 5th and on Tuesday turned in my last play review for Orange Box Magazine. As always, ideas for posts came but nothing was typed down.

The weather is almost balmy these days, despite it being the middle of November. Heifer perches on the edge of the bed with her feet tucked underneath her so she looks like a hen laying eggs.

Trying to get on a regular sleeping schedule so that I no longer sleep the days away as I did when I worked nights. I haven’t had a super late night in a few days and when I was in Baltimore with Buttercry, visiting her and the exquisite new Baby Michael, I was able to wake up in the A.M as needed. Today, however, I slept until 1ish despite having fallen asleep around 12.

Am busy trying to convince my friends to “borrow” my things – Erma has agreed to take my scanner/photocopier/printer! Lots of clothes to farm out, perhaps sell, perhaps donate. Books, clothes, DVDs … and what to do with all of the shoes? Somewhere along the line, despite being decidedly low-maintenance, I acquired a heck of a lot of shoes. Maybe it’s because I rarely throw things out. Either way, I have far too many to bring and need to whittle down my collection to, perhaps, work shoes, a couple of going out shoes, a pair of boots and sneakers. I’ll be darned if I’m leaving behind my metallic blue snakeskin print d’orsay stilettos!!!

Tonight, Evan came over to eat Thai take out from Spice and watch America’s Next Top Model. He met me at the corner of my block and I was delighted to see he was wearing an eye patch. Not delighted, of course, that his infected stye was giving him so much trouble, but I have to say – boy really rocks the eye patch! Also, Tyra is stupid and I don’t care what she or her meaty, exposed boobs have to say.

Must Haves

November 4, 2006 in Uncategorized

As I sit and wait for work to come in on my second-to-last night, I am bored.

While I wait, I mull over the many attachments my school contact sent me to help me prepare for my move to Japan. So much to do – visas, alien registration cards, closing and opening of bank accounts … he sent lots of links about things such as Japanese culture (to signify one’s self in Japan, point at your nose, not your chest!), tax information (they’re low, low, low!), expenses and advice to bring Western toiletries and medicines and any other “must haves.” I try to think – have I got any “must haves”?

Let’s see:

  • Lady Speedstick in the pink container (been using this, barring a few dalliances with Degree and Dove, since I was 14)
  • Max Factor 2000 mascara – any kind, although 2000 Calories Aqua Lash is best
  • Suave Humectant Conditioner

I have other toiletries I like (Sally Hansen nail polish, Crest Total toothpaste, Dove pink bar) but really, nothing I can’t live without. I do use prescription medication on my face but, honestly, those do nothing for me so I might as well stop using them. As for makeup, I’ve got enough to last for years, barring foundation and I’ve never found one of those that I actually like enough to repurchase, so …

Well, that’s a bit of a relief.